Liferay portal. Development and Integration of Enterprise Portal Liferay.

Soft29 Company provides services on integration of Liferay portal into your business.

Liferay - is a software product that implements the system of corporate portal, which provides a user access to the multiple business applications from a single point via browser. In this way, this portal behaves as a single information environment within a company where employees can perform simultaneous work on common tasks in real time. The integration of the portal facilitates a communication and information exchange within the enterprise, increasing the efficiency of business tasks execution.

Корпоративный портал liferay

Liferay is build on Open Source Software standards

Open Software Standard means that there is no need to pay for the product license. This feature significantly reduces the cost of solution integration.

As a result of Liferay integration, each employee gets an access to his personal area, where he can find: incoming emails, tasks, a calendar, official documents; there are as well the following communication channels are available: chat, forums (incl. commentary support).

Корпоративный портал liferay

The user interface of the portal is composed of the functional modules, each of which corresponds to the desired business application. Here are some examples of these modules: Notifications and announcements, Customer management (CRM), Blog Management, Documents and files, Databases content, Mail interface, Wikipedia (Wiki), Web content. Function modules can be composed of different options, the most popular are presented below.

Advantages of Liferay portal usage:


Supports a wide range of different business modules. A possibility to integrate self developed modules.

Cloud Technology support

No need to purchase hardware to run servers. All data is stored in a cloud.

Open Source

No license fees.


An ability to work in a system for remote employees via browsers without extra software installations.

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