Alfresco. Installation and development of document workflow system (ECM) Alfresco.

We offer a full range of services to automate document workflows at your enterprise, starting from the requirements definition, analysis and design, ending with the implementation, training and follow-support. One of the primary activities of our Company is the integration of Alfresco ECM with the existing applications in your enterprise.

Alfresco is one of the most popular document workflow systems (ECM) build on open source standards. The open source software nowadays is a new high demanded alternative to the commercial solutions. It can significantly reduce costs not only at the implementation phase, but also at the later stages of software development and maintenance. Alfresco is characterized by stability and scalability. It is considered to be able to solve any business challenges.

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Alfresco is build on open source standards
Open software standard means that there is no need to pay for the product license, this point significantly reduces the cost of demanded solution.

Advantages of Alfresco usage:

Document Workflows

Management and automation of internal organizational and administrative, contract and financial document workflows.

Open source

No license fees for the software.


Ability to work in the system for remote users via any device without installing additional software.


Role managed access to the content.


Lightweighted full-text search of documents.

Digital Archive

The amount of irreversibly lost documents reduced, no content duplication.

Integration of Alfresco ECM in your company reduces the business operating costs by means of:

  • Fast and efficient search of documents and files
  • Faster document movement and approval within the organization
  • There is no loss of documents
  • Managed access to the content
  • No more paper archives
  • No license fees for the product

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